“My experience working with FRKC has been fantastic. The level of knowledge, proactivity, troubleshooting support and customer service for our leadership team and our associates has been of the highest quality. FRKC doesn’t just get involved at renewal, the relationship building and support lasts throughout the year and I highly recommend FRKC as a brokerage agency of choice. ”

VP Talent & Culture

“One of the most confusing items to face small and medium sized business is benefit plans for employees. Out of all the brokers in the city we found the best in Financial Resources of Kansas City. It is a small firm that treats you like you are the only client they have. Yet, the firm still has all of the available resources to find you the best plan. I have met with other brokers and no one can pull off what Financial Resources can do. Trust. That is not a word you have with all business associates, let alone a benefit broker. Many are out there just to sell you, grab the commission, and meet with you on renewal date. I have full trust in Financial Resources.”

Director of HR


We’ve built a reputation for being up-front and honest, placing our clients first.


We realize service is a top priority for business owners so we created a service model that is second to none.


We stay up-to-date with the most recent cost-saving trends in the health care industry and pass along our knowledge to clients. For more than 30 years we’ve successfully guided our clients through challenging obstacles. In the process we’ve achieved impressive milestones, such as the implementation of Kansas City’s first United Healthcare HSA, (Health Savings Account).

We consider it an honor to represent many of the employers in the greater Kansas City area and the Midwest. In addition to our longstanding relationship with our current employers we would consider it an honor to serve you as well.


Jeff Van Oeveren, CEBS

Jeff holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Jeff also holds a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist designation from the Wharton School in Pennsylvania. In addition Jeff attended the LIMRA School for group insurance in Hartford Connecticut and has completed parts AB&C through HIAA. Jeff combines his 30 years of experience in medical underwriting, sales, sales management, and consulting to provide sound advice to his clients.

Joe Van Oeveren

Joe graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelors Degree in Economics after attending Rockhurst High School. His background in the insurance industry comes from the Human Resources side of the business. After graduating from the University of Kansas, he was employed by a commercial cleaning company in Kansas City where he handled the employee benefits and assisted in managing the office.

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